Server Highlights

World Events

Here at BetterPvP we provide players with challenging world events that can be very rewarding!

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Choose from a set of completely unique classes and master their talents, practise your skills and prepare for battle!

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Clans is a custom coded, simplified factions plugin. It's designed for you and your friends to team up, build a small base and wage war.

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This isn't your typical PvP factions server. All plugins have been custom to offer a completely unique PvP experience.

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Other Great Features

  • Fields
    Fields is a 'PvP hotspot' that is full of regenerating ores
    Feel like having an all out brawl? Fields is the place!.
  • Custom Fishing
    Bored of regular fishing on Minecraft?
    Here at BetterPvP we offer you fishing like you've never seen before.
  • Pillaging
    Pillaging is a form of raiding (other than tnt) that gives your clan full access to another clans territory for 10 minutes!
  • PvP Based Currencies
    Not interested in farming? In BetterPvP 2.0, we offer players an alternate currency that allows them to purchase goods such as TNT, and Legendaries!
  • Weapons
    A various amount of custom weapons have been added to BetterPvP, which can be obtained by killing bosses, or bought from shops. They offer unique abilities!
  • Bounties
    Dislike a player? Set a bounty on their head! (Minimum $10000)
  • Custom Effects
    Experience some new effects that you have never seen before, such as stuns, silences, etc!
  • Cosmetics
    Obtain special cosmetics that both you and other players can see.
  • Dedicated Staff
    The BetterPvP staff team does the best they can to ensure you have a great experience

BetterPvP Staff Team

  • Mykindos

    Mykindos is the plugin developer and Owner of BattleAU/BetterPvP
  • ajandoj

    ajandoj is an admin at BetterPvP
  • Comprzz

    Comprzz is an admin at BetterPvP
  • Waify

    Waify is a moderator on US BetterPvP
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