Competition Season 3 YouTube Competition

Hey everyone just me again, this time announcing our first ever YouTube competition. We saw a lot of players creating all sorts of different content for Season 1 which we all found to be entertaining and enjoyable (some cringe-worthy) and thought why not run a competition to give back to the content creators in our community.

  • BetterPVP included in the title of the video
  • Discord link + Server IP and Website in description of the video
  • 3 minutes minimum per entry

What are looking for:
  • A video we consider to be above all others submitted in terms of raw gameplay (kills, highlights, moments etc)
  • Something that makes your video stand out from the rest
  • A series of videos would probably be more favoured

  • YouTube rank network wide
  • VIP rank for 1 month

How to enter:
Upload a video to YouTube and follow the requirements, reply to this thread with a link to your video (post the playlist if you decide to do a series)

This competition will run until the end of Season 3

Good luck


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