season 1

  1. Comprzz

    Infographic Season 1 Data

    Welcome to the Season 1 Infographic! Over the course of the season we have collected all sorts of analytical data that help us in many different ways, which we also think you might enjoy looking at. The data collected isn't very broad as we didn't have a lot of things we could track, however we...
  2. Comprzz

    End Of The World EOTW - Season 1

    Hello once again everyone! I hope everyone has enjoyed Season 1 of BetterPVP as much as we've enjoyed providing you with a quality clans experience. With Season 2 being under a week away it means it's time for the chaos that is End Of The World. The following changes will be enabled at 8pm EST...
  3. Comprzz

    IMPORTANT Season 1 Release Information

    Greetings, the time is finally upon us, after months of waiting and thousands of hours testing, BetterPvP Clans is finally coming for Minecraft version 1.16. Come join us and enjoy the new class, bosses and more while still enjoying 1.8.9 PvP mechanics! BetterPvP is releasing it's Australian...