Frequently Asked Questions

We currently have 2 servers hosted in America and Australia

US IP: us.betterpvp.net

AU IP: au.betterpvp.net [Closed]

You will need version 1.16 to connect and and play

With the use of a server resource pack and work done by our development team, you won't notice any of the new PVP features added in more recent versions of Minecraft (Shields, Hit-delay etc)

Mykindos Anti-Hack is our client side anticheat, players are encouraged to use MAH however it is only required if you have been MAH forced.

Players who use MAH are granted one extra fragment for each online reward.

MAH forced means a player is restricted to only playing with our client for a given duration of time to eliminate any use of hacks.

The duration in which you are forced is dependant on the situation

As it stands, 100 players. Make sure you're ready for each map launch as that will fill up quick

Fragments are an in-game currency players can obtain besides coins, for participating in events like killing bosses & other players, doing daily quests or as an online reward every hour.

They are used to purchase perks like the ability to farm and fish in your base, TnT, Legendaries and more

Maximum amount of members a clan can have is 6. The more clan members you have the less allies you can have, meaning a clan with at max members will not be able to have any allies.

Every member above 4 members increases the duration of your offline TNT protection by 5 minutes.

We don't want to encourage the whole 'power clan' aspect as we feel it ruins gameplay

You may only TNT a clan if they do NOT have TNT protection. A clan gains TNT protection when all members in that clan have been offline for X amount of minutes, once the last member online logs off a timer will start.

If a clan member is online or logs on at any time the TNT protection will be removed/reset and that clan will be eligible for TNTing

Clan Size Protection Duration
1 10 Minutes
2 10 Minutes
3 10 Minutes
4 10 Minutes
5 15 Minutes
6 20 Minutes

Yes, Redstone is enabled on BetterPVP and is encouraged for traps and farms.

Lag machines and any other forms of disruption to other players/BetterPVP will result in the removal of the redstone and could warrant a punishment

If you would like to apply for a staff position please make sure you are logged into the website, follow the format and post a thread here

Linking your discord account to your in-game account grants you an extra $1000 coins with each online reward

Type /link in-game and follow the process