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    What your complete in game name? BusinessPlatypus

    What position are you applying for? Helper

    How long have you been playing BetterPvP / BattleAU? 2 Years, under the user of NedBear04 mostly.

    What do you bring to the team? Help, and support. I may be a bit toxic at times but I know the in’s and out’s of this server, all the commands, I can help new players adjust to the abilities and pvp style. I’m also quite active, a lot of Americans don’t see me a lot due to time zones, but I’m on much more then they see me.

    How old are you? 14

    Have you ever been previously banned/punished for server related issues? MAH Forced, apart from that nothing.

    What's your prior experience? I have been moderator on a few small game servers me and my friends ran, but apart from that, no other experience.

    Do you consider yourself popular among the community? I think I am, I’m truces with a majority of the players and can easily get allies. I’m also known amongst the BattleAU players.

    Are you currently a donator of BetterPvP? Yes, I have the raider rank, thinking of buying some apprentice crates rn as a matter of fact.

    Why do you want to be a staff member? I have had a passion for this server for quite a while now, I feel that me being helper can help grow this amazing server and make all of our experiences much better on this server.

    This concludes my helper application.
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