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    BetterPvP 3.0 (ClanYT Merge)
    Patch 3.02 (Season 2)

    Environmental Events

    • Environmental Events are a completely new type of event, they aren't PvM or PvP, but they will affect the things you do on the server for around 30 minutes.
    • ** NEW ** Fishing Frenzy
      • While this event is active, you will receive 3x as many fish while fishing at the Lake
    • ** NEW ** Mining Madness
      • While this event is active, ores at fields will replenish twice as quick, and will drop twice as many ores as usual
    • '/c enemy' is now disabled for the first day of each season.
    • The 'new player lock' will be enabled from the beginning of a season instead of 1 week in.

      This stops clans of new players from being enemied or making enemies until there members have accumulated a sum of 24 hours played.
      For example, if you have played for 18 hours and your friend has played for 6 hours, this totals to 24 hours and you are no longer protected by the lock.

    • You now only get the full clan points the first time you raid a clan, any future raids will receive -50% points from last earned.
    • You can no longer enemy Admin Clans such as Fields and Shops
    • Clan Points are no longer shown on the leader board, however this will be released weekly.
    • You can now only see your own clans points.
    • Assassin
      • Blink
        • Max distance increased to 16 blocks from 15
      • Marked for Death
        • Duration reduced by 3 seconds at all levels
    • Paladin
      • Immolate
        • Base energy usage increased slightly
    • Gladiator
      • Spirit of the wolf cooldown has been doubled
      • Vulnerability from threatening shout no longer affects Lightning damage

    • If you have taken damage in the last minute, you are no longer safe underneath spawn.
      I would make it so you are never safe, but I don't want people getting punched around and stuff on SOTW.
    • Moved spawns 100 blocks back from fields.

    Undead Camp
    • Moved to a new location, is now accessed through the Event teleport zombies located around Fields similar to the other events.
    • Reduced health of Zombies and Skeletons by 20 (Now 30, was 50)
    Skeleton King
    • Reworked
    • Added a couple new things, removed its knockback, you'll have to find out the rest yourself.
    • Removed emeralds from Ender Chests
    • Added more variety to the Ender Chest

    • Note: If you didn't know, you can also fish at fields, it acts as a Lake as well.


    • Gold sword durability has been slightly decreased

    Patch 3.01

    Skill Balancing

    • Assassin
      • Flash
        • Travel distance reduced by 2 blocks (now 8 from 10)
        • Cooldown increased by 1 second at all levels
      • Mirage
        • Now cancels if you drop an item
        • Now cancels if you deal damage
        • Slow replaced with blind (still can't sprint, but you can use abilities)
      • Silencing Strikes
        • Duration of silenced reduced by 25%
    • Knight
      • Bulls Charge
        • Duration reduced by 1 second
        • Now gives speed 3 instead of speed 2
    • Ranger
      • Disengage
        • Throwback distance reduced by roughly 25%
    • Gladiator
      • Threatening Shout
        • Cooldown increased by 2 seconds
        • Radius reduced by 2 blocks
    • Purifying Capsule will give you 5 seconds of immunity to silences, as long as you are silenced when you first use it.
    • Apples should now be correctly removed from your inventory when consumed

    • Started adding textures to legendaries (Hyper and Glacial so far)
    • Legendaries with textures will no longer lose durability

    Patch 3.0 (Currently live)

    • Colossus has been reworked to now take % reduced knockback instead of full knockback mitigation
    • Molten blast now does 6 damage, down from 8
    • Rupture damage reduced to 8 from 10

      Rupture slow also reduced by half a second
    • Lightning Orb damage reduced by 2
    • Recall now only heals 1/4th of your health 3 seconds ago (down from 1/3)
    • Seismic Slam is now slightly controllable (it will throw you in your target direction, but will descend a bit slower
    • Threatening shout range reduced by 2 blocks at all levels
    • Threatening shout vulnerability duration reduced by 1 second at all levels
    • Added Hand held maps that can be used to track clan members and allies
    • Can see claim locations (Does not tell you who the claims are owned by, or if they are allied / your own)
    • Added Mirage
      Activate by blocking with sword
      Creates a copy of yourself and walks to your target location
      When destroyed, gives all enemies within a 3 block radius slowness 2 for 9~ seconds

      Early phases, no invis glitch, but I still feel pretty weird using it from rooftops and stuff
    • Re-Added Flash
      3 charges, 10 block travel distance.
      Energy + Charge time reduced with levels
    • Morphs have been reworked into a tier system
      Tier 1 morphs receive Speed 1
      Tier 2 morphs receive Speed 2
      Tier 3 morphs receive Speed 3

      If you come into combat, or close to a player your morph will be removed

      Morphs can drop from bosses (rarely)
      Morphs no longer deal damage

      This does not affect silverfish morph
    • Assassin
      • Assassin now deals no knockback and takes knockback **trial**
    Armour / Weapons
    • All armour now has roughly the same durability as diamond.
    • Gold sword durability significantly increased
    • Players are now put into adventure mode when entering neutral / enemy clan territory.

      This should completely stop all forms of block glitching

      Does not happen if you are pillaging the clan.
    • The person who gets the kill on a boss receives 2 clan points for their clan.
    • /c stuck is now usable in enemy territory or when the clan is online, however it takes 5 minutes instead of 2.
    • Added current dominance to enemy player suffix
    • Removed Ghast
    • Made mobs less common
    • Fixed bug which sometimes causes nothing to be caught


    • Agility Helmet
      • Can no longer deal damage with it equipped
      • Can no longer equip while in combat
      • Added a 1 second cooldown to the wall kick (previously no cooldown)
    • Even though morphs are currently disabled in game, the category has been disabled in the store
    • Ranks have received an overhaul, removing a lot clear 'pay to win' content. They will be adjusted in the near future to compensate for this loss, in the mean time, the price has also been dropped.
    • Bosses should now teleport correctly
    • Added a command for admins to teleport bosses out of odd locations
    • Bosses should now turn lava into obsidian temporarily
    • Bosses will now despawn after not being damaged by players for 15 minutes
    • Bosses now spawn in an arena. You can enter the arena from posts around the outside of fields
    • Player health is now shown under their name tag
    • Removed Ender Pearls (The throwing mechanic)
    • Added Purifying Capsule, renamed Ender Pearl that removes all negative effects when eaten.
    • Added chat filter to /settings (its on by default)
    Bug Fixes
    • You can no longer open doors / gates / etc on the edge of claims by placing buttons, levers, or pressure plates in the wilderness

      Fixed another bug that was caused by fixing this bug
    • Removed ender pearls from supply crates
    • Fixed daily quests related to the Fields

    Upcoming to 3.0

    BetterPvP 2.0
    Patch 2.8.0 (KitMap Season 4 / 5 Upcoming)
    • Skill cooldown is tracked on the action bar when holding the corresponding weapon.


    • Sidebar will now track all portion of the slime king (one at a time, but atleast you will always know where the last piece is) DONE
    • Slime King portions should now all correctly teleport back to the outskirt arena DONE
    • Implemented voting into KitMap DONE


    • Added an easy to use settings menu for turning off stuff like PM's, the kill feed, the side bar, etc. DONE


    • Supply crate buff (KitMap only)
      • 2% chance of legendary (up from 0.0001%), can also drop more than 1 legendary at a time
      • Drops way more special weapons (webs, molotovs, etc)
      • 1/20 Chance for 5 TnT
      • 1/10 Chance for 1 million coin disc


    Patch 2.7.0 (KitMap Season 3 / 4)


    • Clans with total hours played lower than 24 (all members total hours on server added up) cannot be enemied.
    • Added Charles Witherton
    • Increased legendary drop rate
    • Increased drop rate of ascendant armour
    • Bosses now teleport back to closest outskirts block if they are out of outskirts
    • Added Magnetic Blade (similar to battle taunt, but can pull items as well)
    • Meteor bow now has a 2 second cooldown
    • Disabled crafting and placing of anvils
    • Replaced MAH with FairPvP
    • Added travel hub to spawn

    Patch 2.6.0


    • Once a clan has been pillaged, they go on cooldown for 12 hours. In this time period, they cannot lose or gain dominance points to any clan DONE
    • Raid bonus no longer applies to clans that are lower on the leaderboard than you. DONE
    • AU
      • Clan Member Limit: 6
      • Clan Ally Limit: 2
    • US
      • Clan Member Limit: 8
      • Clan Ally Limit: 1
    • When pillaging, you can now open doors in enemy territory. DONE
    • When pillaging, you can now destroy crops in enemy territory DONE
    • Re-implemented the warning when your clan is getting TNT'd. It will send a message to all online members of that clan. DONE
    • Clan recovery now costs 30 fragments (down from 50) DONE
      Reasoning: We wan't to make the server enjoyable for everyone, and making it easier to bounce back onto your feet after getting devastated seems like a step in the right direction.
    • Enabled /c home from wilderness (30 second timer) DONE
    • Flamebringers Treads NEW
      • [​IMG]
      • Completes any set

    Alt Account Abuse and VPNS

    • Measures have been implemented to MAH force any alt account automatically. DONE


    • Prepared bow skills are now cancelled as soon as you swap off your bow. Meaning you will have to reactive them before the effect works. DONE
    • Void now uses 30% less energy DONE
    • Immolate now uses 15% less energy DONE


    • Added a weapons / tools shop to fields DONE
    • On the US server, armour, weapons, and resources have had there price reduced by approximately 25% DONE
    Kits (Coming to both AU and US)
    • At the start of every season (or when a player first joins), you can now redeem a starter kit using
      '/kit starter' This kit will give you the choice from any of the 5 currently available sets in the GUI similar to the test map.

      However, to prevent people using alt accounts to abuse this newly implemented feature, it will require you to link your minecraft account to your BetterPvP discord account.

      Once finished, you can do this by typing '!link <name>' in discord, which will give you a command to execute in game.

      Edit: Now a 24 hour cooldown (toggleable on the server side if we think its overkill)
    • DONE
    • TNT will be disabled for the first 3 days of each season. DONE
    • Price increased from 60,000 to 100,000 DONE
    • Automatic farming has been removed. You can no longer place regular pistons in the farming range. DONE
    • Skeleton King DONE
      • It has become quite obvious that skeleton king is seriously lacking when it comes to design, so we will be revamping this by season 2
    • All bosses will now appropriately teleport out of claims, lava, or when suffocating.
    • Undead Camp will now only require 3 undead kills to open a chest DONE
    • Made coins a more common reward DONE
    Bug Fixes / Other
    • Combat log sheep should no longer disappear and leave a name tag behind. DONE

    Patch 2.5.14
    • Leap and Blink cooldown increased by 1 second at all levels
    Patch 2.5.13
    • Made green a little more common in roulette
    • Fixed a bug with cleave working on allies and damaging enemies
    • Glowing redstone at fields should now be breakable
    Patch 2.5.12
    • Added /c stuck (required a neutral or ally clan with no members online)
    • Silencing Arrow cooldown now starts after the arrow has been fired
    • /shop open now display the remaining time
    Patch 2.5.11
    • Fixed some more blink glitches, I don't think many, if any left now.
    • Clans shouldn't randomly get 2 leaders anymore (happened after restarts)
    Patch 2.5.1


    • Added /warp <shop> on the US server. Usable from spawn
    • Made energy a bit cheaper (approx 40%)
    • New users (including all users when a season starts) now start with 5000 coins
    • Users with MAH now receive 2.5x the amount of coins a non MAH user receives (5000 per hour from 4000)
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug with outlaws fishing
    • Fixed a bug with glitching through fence gates (hopefully)

    Patch 2.5.0 (8th of September)
    • Pillaging / Raiding
      • Added a '/c top' command, which shows you the top clan of the map (top 10)
      • Clans that are pillaging have points awarded (relative to amount of members the raided clan has)
      • Clans that are pillaged have points deducted (relative to amount of members the raiding clan has)
      • Top clan of each map gets a $AUD reward, split between all members of the top clan
        - This might help reduce dom avoiding in the form of clan disbands
      • All points reset each map
      • Note: If you are a top clan (present in '/c top') you will lose more points when pillaged.
        The clan who pillaged you will also receive additional points.
    • Energy
      • Clans now require energy to avoid being disbanded.
      • Each clan uses a certain amount of energy per hour (x * Number of claims)
      • Energy is purchasable with coins using the Clan GUI
      • If a clan runs out of energy, they are instantly disbanded
      • This change should create a 'gold sink' for clans, as well as give them a reason to come online to keep their clan active. If your clan is disbanded at any point, you lose your leaderboard status!
    • Menu
      • Your clan can now be managed from a small GUI '/c menu'
      • You can buy clan energy, set clan home and view other clan statistics in the gui
    • Member / Ally Count
      • Members: 4 max (6 Max on US server)
      • Allies: 2 Max
    • Assassin
      • Smoke bomb
        • Duration changed from 6 seconds, to (3 + level) seconds.
          This means that at level 1, Smoke bomb lasts 4 seconds, and at level 5, Smoke bomb lasts 8 seconds.

          Think of this as a nerf to Assassins, as Smoke Bomb (1) made up atleast 98% of builds.
          This should open up some more build diversity
      • Sever
        • Tick damage reduced from 2 to 1.5
      • Silencing Strikes
        • Time between attacks reduced from 2 seconds to 0.8 seconds
          This means you will need to land your attacks relatively quickly to activate the silence
      • Toxic arrow
        • Cooldown increased by 4 seconds
      • Blink
        • No longer goes through corners
        • No longer goes through glass (still goes through glass panes)
        • When colliding with a wall, it bounces you back very slightly
      • Evade
        • Can no longer go through doors and gaps smaller than 2 blocks in 99% of situations
          - You can still evade out of traps if they hit your feet, my math has let me down
    • Knight
      • Defensive Stance
        • Energy usage increased from 6 to 7
        • Now knocks back players that hit you
        • Now deals damage to players that hit you
      • Cleave
        • Base damage increased from (2 + level) to (3 + level)
        • Equates to half a heart extra damage to naked players per hit
      • Hilt Smash
        • Silence duration reduced by 0.5 seconds at all levels
      • Hold Position
        • Duration increased by 1 second at all levels
      • Bulls Charge
        • Attacker no longer takes knockback while charging
    • Gladiator
      • Threatening Shout
        • 10 block radius changed to (8 + level) block radius
      • Resistance
        • Damage reduced changed from (level * 10) % to (level * 15) %

          This means at level 5, you take 75% reduced damage compared to the old 50% reduced damage.
      • Bloodlust
        • Detection radius changed from 12 to 15 blocks
      • Flesh Hook
        • Now shoots 12 hooks in a cone instead of 1
        • Cooldown increased by 2 seconds
        • Charge speed increased by 50%
      • Seismic Slam
        • Now slams down 50% faster
    • Paladin
      • Cyclone
        • Cooldown reduced by 3 seconds
      • Holy Light
        • Radius increased by 1 block
      • Rupture
        • Cooldown reduced by 2 seconds
      • Null Blade
        • Increased energy drain amount by 1 at all levels
      • Removed Repel
      • Added Swarm
        • Channelled sword ability
        • Shoots bats like repel did
    • Ranger
      • Incendiary Shot
        • Increased amount of fire ticks by 1/3
      • Vitality Spores
        • Now start 2 seconds earlier
      • Hunters Thrill
        • Duration of speed bonus increased by 1 second
        • Gap between hits increased by 1 second
      • Pin down
        • Cooldown reduced by 2 seconds at all levels
    • Global
      • Break Fall
        • Damage reduced changed from (3 + level) to (5 + level)
    World Events
    • Undead Camp
      • No longer has a global cooldown
      • Requires 5 undead kills to open an ender chest
      • This means you actually have to do something other than spam clicking chests
    • Other bosses can no longer take damage from suffocation or drowning


    • Added a sidebar to the right side of the screen that shows simple information
    • The sidebar is enabled by default, but players can toggle it by using the command '/togglesidebar'


    • Is now a 10 second cast
    • If you move or take damage, it is cancelled.
    • This should stop people using '/suicide' to dom avoid.
    • Added command aliases
      • neck
      • kys
      • kms
      • bleach
    Weapon Items
    • Throwing Web
      • Can now collide with players directly, placing the web perfectly at their feet
      • Now .5 seconds shorter
    • Molotov
      • New throwable weapon
      • Create a large fiery area lasting 5 seconds
      • Lights anyone who walks in it on fire


    • The KOTH chest is now automatically rewarded to the clan which gets the most kills at fields during the event.
    • They will be able to access it instantly after the KOTH has landed as long as they are the winner, no other clans will be able to access the chest.
    • You can now trade items with players who are within 15 blocks of you
    • [​IMG]


    • For every kill (final hit) you get on a boss, your damage against that boss is increased by 2% in the future.

      Meaning, if you killed the slime king 50 times (and actually got the last hit), you would deal twice as much damage than someone who hasnt killed the slime king at all.

      The bonus damage is also applied to the minions, and each players kill count can be found in
      '/info <player>'


    • Added a /spawn command for all players to use
      • Out of combat for 30 seconds
      • No valuables in your inventory
      • In wilderness (Does not include fields / outskirts, must be wilderness.)
      • No movement
    • The command takes 15 seconds of non movement to teleport the player.
      This was added to help counter new players getting lost and forcing themself to lose items to return to spawn.
    • 15 minute cooldown
    • You cannot have valuables at any time during the 15 second timer (I know you cheeky fellas would have tried dropping it to a mate and logging off at spawn)
    • You cannot morph while the timer is counting down
    • Added a coin flip between players
      • A player creates a global offer with /coinflip (amount)
      • Any player on the server can accept this offer with /coinflip (name) (accept), this will deduct the amount from both players
      • Each player has a 50% chance of winning, receiving their money and the other players money
      • [​IMG]
    • Added roulette
      • Command is /roulette bid <odd;even;black;red;0-36> <amount>
      • Player can place as many bids as they want
      • Table is rolled every 10 minutes
      • Numbers payout 35 to 1, Everything else is 2 to 1
    Combat Tagging
    • A particle is displayed above a tagged players head for the duration of the combat tag (15 seconds)
    • The bounty system has been removed, it was poorly designed and nobody used it
    • Ore Buff
      • Lasts for the duration of the map, and then it expires
      • 10% chance when mining an ore to receive double the drop
    • Fragment Buff
      • Lasts for the duration of the map, and then it expires
      • 50% more fragments from PvP and Boss kills
      • Stacks with the rank bonuses
    • Fragments boosts are now applied to the fragments received from killing a boss
    • Moderator+ now have the option to queue a MAH force, which gives the player 5 minutes to get safe before being MAH Forced automatically.
    • MAH will now automatically queue anyone who reaches a detection threshold.
    • Class scanning with paper has been removed, you can now request to view a players current build using
      '/scan request <player>'. The requested player then has to accept your request using '/scan accept <player>'
    • Added a '/info <player>' command that lets you view basic stats such as KD, balance, and class usage counts
    • Added downball for the lols
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug that caused skills to be used when right clicking a sponge
    • Fixed bug with null blade working with non melee attacks
    • Fixed bug with rooting axe
    • Fixed a bug with reply not working until you received a response. You can now /message <player> and use /r <message> straight after
    • Fixed a bug with trap doors constantly moving to the bottom side of the block when being opened / closed. (hoorah)

    Patch 2.4.16 (28/1/17)
    • Added Class Scanners, right click a player while holding paper in your hand to see what they are using.
    Patch 2.4.15 (22/1/17)
    • Cow morph now plants based on the seed type you right click with (e.g. you now right click with carrots to plant carrots, not the beef)
    • Cow morph actually takes the seeds from your inventory now (bug fix)
    Patch 2.4.14 (20/1/17)
    • New Rank: Outlaw ($90)
      • Everything marauder has
      • Ability to fish anywhere at any time (no base fishing needed)
      • Cow Morph
      • Access to all Particle, Kill, and Death cosmetics available, and in the future.
      • Aqua 'Outlaw' Prefix
    • Cow Morph
      Similar to a rake, however on activation it will plant seeds in a 5 block radius from inventory
    Balance Changes
    • Ranger
      • Now takes 20% additional damage from melee attacks
    Bug Fixes
    • Gravity bomb can no longer pull players out of safe zones
    Patch 2.4.13 (11/1/17)
    • You can no longer use portable shop while getting pillaged
    Patch 2.4.12 (09/1/17)
    • Assassin
      • Recall now adds 1/3 of the health you had 3 seconds ago to your current health (3 hearts at full hp)
    • Gladiator
      Gladiator is the least used class, so I buffed it a bit to try bring it back into the meta
      • Reduced cooldown of takedown and seismic slam by 5 seconds
    • Knight
      • Reduced Defensive Stance energy usage by 2 at all levels
    World Events
    • Re-enabled Skeleton King to test some changes, hoping the server doesnt crash from it.
    • Your armour no longer loses durability in fields
    Patch 2.4.11 (06/1/17)
    • Recall [REWORKED]
      • Now teleports you where you were located 3 seconds ago
      • Is now a single activation cast
    • Reverted riposte back to how it was a few weeks ago

    • Ender pearls now make an eat sound when you right click
    • When right clicking with ender pearls they no longer get thrown
    • Price of ender pearls reduced to 2500 from 5000
    • Now says a message in chat saying it removed negative effects
    Bug Fixes
    • After being kicked or leaving a clan, your next chat message should no longer appear without formatting
    Patch 2.4.10 (02/1/17)
    • Killing nakeds no longer affects your KD, or the nakeds
    • You can now change your Rank prefix (or remove it) in the cosmetic menu
    • Fixed bugs with rooting axe
    Patch 2.4.9 - (23/12/16)
    • Players suiciding in your land when you are 15 points up will no longer give dom. Only applies if you havent tagged the player, and you didnt kill them.
    • Clan members can no longer leave or be kicked from a clan when in enemy territory
    • You can no longer /log in enemy territory
    • If you logout in enemy territory, your sheep live forever.
    Patch 2.4.8 - (21/12/16)
    • Knight
      • Riposte now lasts for 1 second longer at all levels
      • Riposte fail timer reduced by half a second, meaning if you are not hit within half a second of activating riposte, it will fail.
      • Increased volume of riposte sounds
      • Hold position cooldown and energy now scale with level
      • Power chop cooldown reduced by 2 seconds at all levels.
    • Ranger
      • Stunning shot now lasts 2 seconds (up from 1) at max level
      • Hunters Thrill gap between arrow hits increased to 7 seconds from 5 seconds
      • Vitality Spores non damage timer decreased to 9 seconds from 12 seconds (buff)
      • Pin down base cooldown reduced to 15 seconds from 18 seconds
    • Gladiator
      • Spirit of the Wolf now works.
      • Spirit of the Wolf speed 2 duration increased by 2 seconds
      • Flesh hook cooldown reduced by 4 seconds at all levels
    • Paladin
      • Void energy per second decreased by 1

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed small door dupe with morphs
    Patch 2.4.7 - (19/12/16)
    • Assassin
      • Sever now only ticks for one application at a time. E.g. it doesn't overlap allowing bulk damage if multiple assassins sever one target.
      • Toxic shot cooldown reduced by 5 seconds
    • You can no longer sprint if blinded
    Clan Recovery
    • If you have been tnted, you have to wait 15 minutes before you can buy clan recovery
    • Moderators can now PVP Lock
    Bug fixes
    • You can no longer use wind blade or alligators tooth while polymorphed
    • The combat log sheep should now always appear.
    • You can once again no longer breed animals in your clan territory
    • Toxic shot should now overwrite the confusion debuff if a target is hit multiple times.
    Patch 2.4.6 - (16/12/16)
    • Added a sound when players get silenced so you know
    • Fixed a permanent agility (ranger skill) bug
    Patch 2.4.5 - (14/12/16)
    Clan Recovery
    • Costs 50 fragments at fragment vendor
    • Restores blocks to their original form in your base if damaged by TNT or during a pillage
    • Does not restore chests, and a range of relatively expensive items such as TNT, Enchantment tables, and resource blocks.
    • Note: You can buy this even if you havent been damaged in this time, but you would have wasted your money.
    • Disengage no longer throws you as high
    Patch 2.3.4 - (08/12/16)
    • You can no longer re-enemy a clan while pillaging them (stops chain pillaging)
    Bug fixes
    • Fixed a bug with the 5% Shop discount quest perk

    Patch 2.3.3 - (07/12/16)
    • Gladiator
      • Stampede now takes 1 second longer to build up at all ranks
    • Assassin
      • Evade should have a smoother feel to it, and not teleport you back and forth from one hit
      • Increased blink energy usage by 10
    • Ranger
      • Longshot damage increased by 30%
      • Longshot base damage increased by 4
      • Incendiary Shot now ignites player for the correct amount of time
    • Knight
      • Fortitude now takes an additional second to become active
    • Unmorphing silence reduced to 5 seconds from 10 seconds
    Bug Fixes
    • Netherwart now follows the farming limits
    • Pestilence is now only applied by melee attacks
    • King of the Hill chest can now be properly opened
    Patch 2.3.2 - (06/12/16)
    King of the Hill
    • New event that takes place at fields
    • A supply crate slowly falls down, taking 15 minutes. Inside the crate lies abundance of resources, ascendant armours, TNT, and possibly legendaries.
    • Crate takes 30 seconds to open, you cannot move or be damaged in this time.
    Balance Changes
    (Forgot to document on the fly, may be a little inaccurate)

    • Reduced Hilt smash silence by a few seconds
    • Reduced hilt smash to 4 + level damage, from 9 + level damage (stronger than it originally was, but not OP anymore)
    • Fixed silencing arrow
    • Reduced duration of all silences to better suit the bug fix
    Bug Fixes
    • Silencing now works for all abilities
    • Gold armour should now have additional durability
    • Fixed a bug with clan tags being weird if a clan name is the same as a players
    • Clicking leather armour when you have rave armour on, should only bug out if you have assassin equipped, not always. (Ill further fix this in the future)

    Patch 2.3.1 - (05/12/2016)
    Balance Changes
    • Assassin
      • Increased backstabs damage by 10% at all ranks
      • Concussion cooldown reduced by 2 seconds
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed dupe bug with iron golem morph
    • Fixed unintentional feature where any player could MAH force another player.
    • Fixed a dupe bug with build locking and supply crates
    • Fixed frequent lag spike due to clan relationship changes
    • Removed autoclick detection in friday night games
    • Fixed the Portable Shop donation perk
    • Fixed the Fly donation perk
    • Defensive aura now properly works
    • Fixed bug with overcharge not working
    • Fixed blinking through some walls and solid glass

    Patch 2.3.0 - Friday Night Games and more - (02/12/2016)
    • On friday nights, from 6PM AEST - 7PM AEST, players will be teleported to a different world in which they can compete in minigames to earn rewards.
    Added minigames
    • Turf Wars
    • Arctic Brawl
    • TNT Tag
    • Sand Fall
    • Spotlight
    • One in the Quiver
    • Castle Defence
    • Super Spleef
    • Bow Spleef
    • Highground
    • More to come
    • Added Glacial axe as a semi-common legendary
      - Turns all water in a 5 block radius into ice for 2 seconds.
      - [​IMG]
    New Skills
    • Mage
      • Pestilence
        Support / Defensive ability
        Activated with Sword
        Apply a poison to a nearby enemy, the poison will spread to all enemies within 5 blocks of infected players.
        Once a player is infected, they cannot be infected again by the same Pestilence.
        Players who are infected, deal 20% less damage.
        Poison lasts for a couple of seconds, doesn't deal that much damage.
    Note: You WILL keep all of your previously bought donation perks, this only affects people with ranks, and new donators.
    • New Perk: Fly
      - Only usable in own clan territory
      - If any player that isnt in your clan or allied walks within 20 blocks, your fly is disabled.
    • New Perk: Rave Armour
      - When assassin is equipped, each piece rapidly change to a randomly select colour
      - Might change so all pieces change to the same colour, so chests dont look like shit
    • New Perk: Master Fisher
      - You catch fish approximately 50% faster
    • New Perk: Portable Shop
      - Pretty rare
      - 2 hour cooldown
      - User can use any shop from there base for 5 minutes after opening the shop (you can close and reopen)
      - Command: /shop open
    • Changes to Ranks
      - Bandit and Raider no longer receive ancient crates at the start of every map.
      - Some new ranks will be added, and the current rank price will be decreased by a tiny bit.
    • Change to perk availability
      - Most donation perks can no longer be bought directly through the store. They can only be obtained through ancient crates.
      - Perks such as Reserved Slot and ranks will be sold separately.
    • The perk you receive from ancient crates will now display in chat as a colour that represents its rarity.
    • There are now multiple types of ancient crates, ranging from Tier 1 - Tier 3 (thinking of names still)
      - The higher the tier, the higher the chance of receiving 'better perks' such as morphs.
      - Perks are currently seperated into 3 categories, low tier being stuff like super pickaxes, reserved slots, etc. Medium tier being stuff like convenience package, builder packs, fly. And then there is high tier, which is all the morphs, and maybe ranks.
    • You no longer receive 1000 coins per dollar spent
    • You no longer receive coins for redeeming already owned donations
    • You no longer receive coins from ancient crates if you already owned the perk.
    • Instead of coins, you now receive a new currency, 'BattleAU Coins' (i suck with names). You will receive a small amount of these based on how much the duplicate perk usually cost. These coins can be used to purchase other perks directly. These coins are never reset, and will persist through every map (unless you spend them)
    • [​IMG]
    • Throwing water bottles now works
    • Right clicking an ender pearl now properly removes negative affects
    • Added the Auto craft command /autocraft <class name>
      - Takes 24 of the armours material out of your inventory, and gives you a full set.
      - [​IMG]
      - E.g. /autocraft assassin, /autocraft ranger, /autocraft gladiator, /autocraft paladin, /autocraft knight
      - /autoc <class> can also be used as a short hand.
    • Added a toggle filter command /togglefilter
      - Completely stops any swearing or racism from appearing in your chat
    • New lottery system
      - Lotteries last for 1 hour after opening
      - The more tickets you have, the higher the chance you have of winning.
      - If you have 2500/5000 tickets bought, you can assume your chance to win is 50%
    - Buffing skills that werent viable, or unused during the beta.

    • Gladiator
      • Flesh Hook cooldown reduced by 2 seconds
    • Paladin
      • Void is now considerably louder than before
    • Knight
      • Power Chop cooldown reduced by 2 seconds
      • Power Chop energy reduced by 5
    • Shop prices are now formatted

    Bug Fixes

    • Should no longer see random white names in the scoreboard
    • Bunch of minor internal changes that may or may not be noticeable.
    • Muted players can now talk in clan chat and ally chat
    • Swim now takes priority of the swim you have in your build. Having it as a quest perk will be used last
    Patch 2.2.09 - (25/08/2016)
    • Fortitude now takes 1.5 seconds to activate instead of 1.0
    • The /c <command> will now display information regarding whether a clan is active or not.
      Clans that haven't logged in for 7 days will be disbanded unless special notice is given, please do not
      ask me to disband a clan if they are listed as active
    • Added a new grief lock (stops players from building / breaking)
    Patch 2.2.07 - Balance Update (21/08/2016)
    • Magma blade now deals 1 bonus damage per level, instead of 0.5 (approx half a heart extra per hit to a naked)
    • Immolates base energy usage reduced to 6 from 8
    • Rupture base cooldown reduced to 16 seconds from 20
    • Gladiators no longer take 10% extra damage
    • Gladiators damage is only reduced by 10% from 20%
    • Hilt smash base damage reduced by 3 (1.5 hearts to a naked)
    • Hilt smash now silences enemies hit for 2 + (level) seconds
    • Hilt smash slow has been reduced by 1 second
    • Fishing rods now hook players and mobs again
    • Blink cooldown increased by 1 second
    • Threatening Shout cooldown has been reduced by 8 seconds
    • Spirit of the bear cooldown has been reduced by 10 seconds
    • Spirit of the wolf cooldown has been reduced by 15 seconds
    • Length of bloodlust has been increased by 2 seconds
    • Disengage cooldown has been reduced by 3 seconds
    • Shop discounts no longer apply to the fragment vendor
    • Max level of entangle changed to 3 from 5
    Patch 2.2.06 (18/08/2016)
    • Trusted allies can now interact with buttons and levers
    • You can no longer get combat logged during the tutorial
    • Knight now takes 10% less damage (old thing i forgot to remove, gladiator is still tankier)
    • Assassin now deals 10% less damage overall (on top of the previous damage nerfs)

    Patch 2.2.05 (16/08/2016)
    • Activated tutorial
    • Finally fixed bug with /protection (i think, it used to work sometimes)
    • Ores at fields should properly regenerate now
    • Made fields more manageable, each restart it will load all ores back in from a database.
      Also added an admin command to force replenish them, however will hardly be used.
    • Fixed an error in /c that showed you had more land than allowed (I made it so solo clans could claim 4 chunks a while back, and didn't update the Current Land / Max Land message)
    • Made it so only clan admins can claim land
    • You now need atleast 10 free inventory slots to morph
    • While morphed, you cannot pick up items if unless you have 10 free inventory slots
    Patch 2.2.04 (14/08/2016)
    • Potentially fixed a bug with slime king bugging out causing events to not spawn later on.
    • Added a tutorial place for new players, not fully active yet
    • Made ender pearls teleport you up half a block after landing
    • Enderpearls can no longer be used in combat, they are meant to be for travel.
    • Upping the legendary chance seemed a little over kill (quite a few legendaries within a couple of days), so i lowered it a bit, but not back to what it was.
    Patch 2.2.03 (12/08/2016)
    • Put a 30 second cooldown on /suicide
    • added /c unclaimall
    • Added a little tutorial for new players
    • Slime king now shoots a rocket for each alive 'piece', enjoy the 8 rocket 1 shot
    • Broken and placed blocks are now logged by the server.
    Patch 2.2.02 (10/08/2016)
    • You no longer get fragments for killing nakeds
    • Clans now start with 4 claims instead of 3
    • Recall now has a max teleport distance of 30 blocks
    • Recall can no longer be used if silenced
    • Smoke bomb can no longer be used if silenced
    • Doubled legendary chance
    Patch 2.2.01 (08/08/2016)
    • Brought back the old version of blink
    • Made some massive server side optimisations
    • Halved the amount of energy blizzard uses
    • Reduced backstab damage by 10%
    • Reduced repeated strikes damage by 10%
    • Fixed a bug with evade and defensive stance
    Patch 2.2
    Server now supports 1.8, 1.9 and 1.10 clients. Appropriate versions of MAH are available at

    • Rewrote the cooldown system, you probably wont notice any differences, but it is a lot more efficient and shouldn't cause any lag if it ever did.
    • Removing cooldowns on death (except certain internal ones, such as the killing players for fragments timer)
    • Legendary shop has been removed (the gold one)
    • Quest point shop has been removed
    • Battle shard Vendor has been renamed to Fragment Vendor
    • Quest points and battle shards have been merged into one currency - Fragments, this is to allows a bit more diversity into the system, allowing people to buy perks with fragments earned from both pvp and daily quests
    • Morphs are now disabled for the first 24 hours of every map launch
    • Builders package and ore package have been disabled, contact an admin for a one time replacement ancient crate. (Up for debate, might reenable if theres enough desire)
    • Added a helper mute, max of 30 minutes.
    • MAH has been updated to 1.10
    • To get the new version, and the permitted version of optifine, visit
    • Additionally, the MAH force list has been cleared, we don't want a sloppy launch due to people not updating their MAH.
    • General
      • If killed by a boss, a reason may or may not be displayed in the death message (e.g. killed with venom)
      • Fixed a bug which wouldnt give you the reward if you killed a boss with an ability
      • Fixed a bug where a bosses death was not announced if a boss was killed with an ability
      • Since rewards from bosses were sometimes underwhelming, I have added a new improved items to them.
        These items can be any armour piece of an iron sword, and will spawn with a tier of either Apprentice, Mastercraft or Ascendant, apprentice being more common, while ascendant being a bit rarer. Each tier adds some sort of stat to the item, making it slightly more tanky, or deal a little more damage.
        I think this will be balanced, however it will require testing, the armour with tier bonus isnt significantly more tanky, you might find that per piece of ascendant armour (very uncommon), your class is 5% tankier, and the armour cannot be repaired.
        These improved loot drops are always dropped unless the drop is a legendary.
    • Slime King
      • Poison length changed to 5 seconds from 10 seconds
      • Ooze can now effect mobs
      • If ooze hits the ground, the block is replaced with a slime block, slowing players that walk on it, it will also remove leaves on trees for up to 30 seconds.
      • When shot with projectiles, will occasionally launch a slime rocket counter attack, dealing a small but decent amount of damage.
      • No longer teleports when shot with an arrow.
      • Base damage reduced
      • Players who are safespotting the slimeking will have slime rockets shot at them
    • Broodmother
      • Now has 1500 health (up from 750)
      • Base damage halved.
      • No longer teleports
      • Chance to bite target has been lowered by approx 50% of old value
      • Broodlings will now leap towards their target.
      • Now heals 5 health per second while in water
    • Skeleton King
      • Will now agro onto players even if they are standing in the sun
      • No longer flees towards shade when in the sun
      • No longer flickers with fire damage
      • The skeleton shield has been removed, however the skeletons still spawn and will continue giving the skeleton king health until they are killed. (10 * Number of skeletons) added to health
      • Phase system removed
      • Health increased to 1500 from 1000
      • Minion health decreased to 25 from 30
      • No longer teleports
      • Now heals 5 health per second while in water
    • NEW WORLD EVENT!! Undead Camp
    Mob Rewards
    • You now receive small amounts of coins for killing animals / monsters
    Combat Tagging
    • The combat tag system has been reworked
    • Once you are tagged, anybody can attack you in a safe zone, but this will also make them tagged (or refresh their current tag timer)
      Note: Still debating whether or not to allow skill usage in safe zones if you are tagged, requires a little more work and not really necessary
    • Tag timer increased to 15 seconds
    • Multikill system has been removed
    • Added the /a command to easily contact an online admin, may rework this to contact mods as well.
      The system isn't quite as advanced as you might be used to, its pretty much just a simple way to get a staff members attention.
    • Added a 'Click Here' option when invited to a clan
    • Gave the daily quests a new GUI rather than spamming chat
    • Fixed some misleading descriptions
    Damage System
    • The damage system has been completely reworked, I now have better control of how much damage certain abilities do, such as the amount of damage increased from an ability, or how tanky a specific armour piece is.
    • Abilities that deal 'No Knockback' have been fixed, and no longer cause your player to stall when running and getting attacked.
    • General
      • Active bow abilities are no longer persistent when the skill is removed.
      • Added a cooldown overlay in the hotbar based on your last used skill with each item.
      • Skills such as inferno and immolate, etc will now work on all creature types, such as bosses, etc.
      • Skills are now also logged on mobs, not just players (yay for killing bosses with skills!)
    • Global
      • Added Fast Recovery (Up to 2x energy regeneration rate at level 5)
    • Assassin
      • Overview: It was apparent that assassins only really had one or two viable builds, so we've reduced their mobility a tad, but are also buffing some of the underused abilities.
      • Blink now stores charges, having a max of 3. Additionally, Deblinking has been removed
        - Note: I decided to do this due to blink glitching, if I go back and fix it properly, Ill have this and the old blink as a seperate skill.
      • Sever cooldown is now also applied when they attack.
      • Leap no longer works off double tall grass
      • Changed internal cooldown of wallkick to 150ms from 100ms
      • Added 1 second to leaps cooldown
      • Marked for Death now gives Vulnerability 2 (50% increased damage taken)
    • Knight
      • Deflection and Swordsmanship no longer continue to stack while in combat
      • Deflection and Swordsmanship now start at 0 stacks
      • Riposte now works on mobs
    • Paladin
      • Made inferno shoot fire more spontaneously (bit more random, like blizzard)
      • Additionally, inferno now deals base fire damage to any target hit. (Molten shield prevents it!)
      • Added lightning orb
      • Polymorph now works on all mob types, even bosses
      • Blizzard now knocks a player up slightly (hard to explain, see for yourselves!)
    • Ranger
      • Fixed a bug with pin down actually never working
      • Disengage cooldown reduced to 15 seconds from 20 seconds, also updated the skills tooltip to display the cooldown and energy usage (doesnt scale)
      • Increased base delay of Hunters Thrill to 5 seconds from 4 seconds
      • Increased overcharges base damage to 2 from 1 (base damage, not total damage)
    • Assassins no longer take knockback from attacks
    • Reduced windblades knockback (should work as intended now, not stupidly)
    • Lightning scythe now has a charge mechanism (Damage formula is 11 * (charge * 0.01) + 4)
    • Lightning scythe can now be used with elytra equipped
    • Players can now view the servers performance, their ping, and the amount of players online via the tab list
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue where polymorphed players could take direct damage from certain abilities, e.g. Rupture.
    • Fixed an issue with rupture that caused it not to work when standing on certain blocks
    • Fixed an issue that only caused skills such as inferno to work if the other player had an empty inventory slot
    • Small data saving issue fixed, may decrease small lag spikes every now and then.
    • Giants broadsword should now deal the correct damage, and have the correct delay between attacks
    • Fixed a dupe with recall (again)
    Patch 2.1.06
    • Skeletons and zombies shouldn't get glitched anymore.
    Patch 2.1.05
    • Added /shops /fields and /lake which display the coordinates to the user
    • Ores now respawn at separate times, based on when they were mined.
    • There is no longer a fields have been replenished message.
    • Made it so mobs can't spawn underground, this will cause more to spawn up top with the caps in place.
    • Changed the kill player daily from 25 kills, to 15 kills.
    • Crippling blow now gives slowness I instead of Slowness II
    Ancient Crates
    • Gutted the chance of a legendary from an ancient crate, though still possible.
    Patch 2.1.04
    • Quest vendor perks will be reduced in price, making people more willing to save up for them
    • Farming limits will once again return to 44-60 Y
    • Rake will be making a return
    • There is no longer a pickaxe restriction in the nether
    • You no longer need to claim next to your own territory, meaning you can have more than 1 base.
    • Dynamic pricing will take affect on farming materials such as carrots and logs.
    • Dynamic prices will auto adjust slightly towards their base price every 2 hours (approx 2.5%)
    • Super secret stuff
    • You can now craft bows and fishing rods.
    Patch 2.1.03
    • Halved takedowns slow duration
    • Magma cubes no longer split on death, however they now drop 1 - 3 incendiary grenades
    • It will now display the monster you died to when you die
    • Halved the amount of particles incendiary grenade has (fps fix for some)
    • Fixed some issues with backstab damage, and other skills.
    • Potentially solved bug with builds resetting or not being editable

    Patch 2.1.02 Current
    • Changed the fishing daily from 50 to 30 fish.
    • Changed the ghast daily from 1 ghast to 5 ghasts.
    Mob Spawning
    • Further reworked mob spawning, there shouldn't be issues after tonight.
    • Put a 5 minute respawn timer on ghasts.
    • Crippling blow slow is now 1 + 0.5 per level.
    • Non legendary items shouldn't glow anymore.

    Patch 2.1.01
    • Adjusted the daily reset timer to 12AM AEST each night.
    • Made it so silverfish can't mine blocks with a pickaxe, or use super pickaxe
    • Fixed a bug where the killer of the morph wouldn't get 3000 coins.
    • Fixed Molten Shield
    • Fixed Defensive Aura
    • Capped monster count
    • Fixed some underlying lag issues
    • Retired Mining Goggles, they can still be claimed each map though.
    • Fixed farming level message
    Patch 2.1.0
    Daily Quests
    • Small tasks/quests that reset every day, completing tasks will give you quest points
    • This currency can be used to purchase things like base fishing, coins, etc (if you have any more ideas, please share)
    • Fixed up some legendary drop rates from fishing to better suit the amount of fishing that will be done this map.
    • Adding alternatives to stone brick, these include prismarine (potential 3 tnt block, we'll see), red and yellow sandstone, quartz, netherbrick, and purpur
    • [​IMG]
    • TNT protection timer is now 10 minutes
    • When you TNT another clans base, they cannot place blocks within their own land for 5 minutes.
    • Many of you will question this change, but the logic behind it is that TNT should be a safe way to raid, and if you're spending a lot of your money on it, someone with an inventory full of stone shouldn't be able to stop you. Offline raiding is pretty much being removed, so now you will have to use your tnt while the other clan is online, to gain dom or to actually get to their chests. This will also make bases with 10 layers of stone brick less effective, and clans will actually be able to make more use out of their claimed land.
    • TNT will now penetrate one additional layer, but won't blow up chests, doors, etc through walls.
    • Added Silencing Strikes to Assassin
    • Changed ruptures base damage from 10 to 7
    • Added Molten Shield to paladin.
    • Added Blizzard to Paladin
    • Defensive Aura is now an axe skill.
    • The rake has been disabled
    • Netherwarts can no longer be planted in the main world
    • Additionally, you can only use a gold pickaxe to mine in the nether.
    • Farming levels have been adjusted to suit the new map.
    • Polymorph now lasts for 8 seconds from 5.
    • Added a Dwarven Pickaxe, it is pretty much the super pickaxe donation, but has durability, and no energy usage.
    • Windblade and alligators tooth can now only be used while holding right click (the shield will come up, also meaning you cannot swing your sword while flying).
    • Changed max y of chests to 200 from 150
    • Increased spawn rates overall, and even more in nether.
    • Lowered legendary chance from voting and world events a little more.
    • Added a Air drop supply crate thing that can be purchased with quest points.
    More to come...

    Patch 2.0.604 Current
    • Recoded smoke bomb, it should now have less issues overall.
    • Fixed some things with flesh hook.
    • Abilities should no longer activate when opening doors or trap doors
    • Super pickaxe can now mine stairs, iron fences and slabs.
    • Added TNT to the safe logging list.
    • Adding a bounty now has a cooldown
    Patch 2.0.603
    • Smoke bomb will now only reveal the assassin when they actually HIT a player
    • Added a filter to help with cases of advertising, or confidential information (don't worry, you can still swear)
    Patch 2.0.602
    • Silverfish can now carry 128 of each ore
    • Shield abilities are now more responsive, activating almost instantly (other than flesh hook)
    • Repels bat damage changed from 5 to 3
    • Molten Blast base cooldown changed from 30 seconds to 25 seconds.
    • Polymorphs base cooldown changed from 60 seconds to 45 seconds
    • Backstab now deals an additional 10% base damage.
    • Deblink timer increased from 2 seconds to 4 seconds
    • Marked for death base length changed from 7 to 10 seconds.
    • Smoke bomb no longer keeps you hidden when you change class.
    • Knight now takes an additional 10% damage from melee attacks
    • Lightning scythe no longer has a global sound
    • Super axe now breaks melons and pumpkins instantly
    • Skeleton kings shield should now spawn all 5 skeletons.
    • Slime king should now be properly teleported away when trapped in a base.
    Patch 2.0.601
    • Can no longer use agility helmet for a few seconds after equipping
    • Blaze morphs speed 2 changed to speed 1
    • Fixed ice melting sometimes in Glacial Prison
    • Increased energy inferno uses by 2 (7 to 9)
    • Added a small internal cooldown to activating battle taunt
    • Decreased glacial prisons base cooldown by 5 seconds
    • Spirit of the wolf speed length increased to 7 seconds from 5 seconds
    • Battle Taunt, Defensive Stance, Inferno have been slightly reworked to replicate the old style back in 1.8.
    • Re-added flesh hook
    • Voting crates, ancient crates and cosmetic crates can now be stacked, but will not stack by default.
    • Ancient crates will no longer disappear if you use them while another one is currently in use.
    • Added reserve slot to all ranks
    • 50% battle shard boost no longer takes priority over 100% battle shard boost.
    • Started accurately recording staff behaviour.
    • Other notes ive missed in the past, most of you are aware, so I'm not going to bother remembering.
    • Enchantment tables can now be broken with TNT.

    Patch 2.0.5

    • Added tracking compass (/find playername)
    • Added /dye {colour} (if you want to dye glass, dye it white first)
    • Balance changes
    • Added legendary shop
    • Added 1 million discs
    • Nerfed legendary droprate a tiny tiny bit
    • bug fixes i forgot
    • New anticheat system (MAH)
    • Added an internal cooldown to blink, to prevent instant double blinking
    • Reduced internal cooldown on wallkick
    • Added mushroom and cocoa bean farming
    • stuff

    Patch 2.0.4
    • Increased stone sword damage
    • decreased energy cost of displacement
    • Increased immolates energy cost slightly
    • Nerfed barrage to only start channelling after 1 second of charging, and less overall max arrows
    • Buffed sharpshooter slightly
    • Reduced pingdown cooldown
    • Increased amount of arrows in volley, also reduced its cooldown
    • Wolfs fury Strength II now starts at 7 seconds
    • Buffed sacrifice slightly
    • Lowered bulls charge energy cost
    • Reduced incendiary arrow cooldown
    • Buffed Gladiators resistance a little
    • Thorns now has an internal cooldown of 1 second.
    Patch 2.0.3
    • New players now receive protection for 30 minutes
    • Bow damage has been increased by 20% as it was nerfed too much
    • Longshots base damage has been increased to 10, from 8.
    Patch 2.0.2
    • Bows now deal 50% less damage
    • Swordsmanship is now capped at level 3
    • Deflection is now capped at level 3
    • Fury now deals 0,5,1,1.5 extra damage from 1,2,3 extra damage.
    • Lightning scythe damage has been reduced
    • Longshot changed from 20 max damage, to 13 max damage
    • Performance changes
    • Overall nerfs on a few things
    • Swordsmanship and deflection now display the charge they are up to

    Patch 2.0.1

    • Swords and axes now deal 1 less damage overall
    • Battle taunt now applies slowness while active
    • Seismic slam should no longer take fall damage
    • Stunning shots stun duration has been halfed
    • Stampede now caps at speed 2
    • You can no longer use abilities with fire axe.
    • Changes iron and trapdoor sounds

    Patch 2.0

    Bear with me as I have not been documenting this as I coded, due to complications.

    Class Customisation has been revamped

    • You can now create up to 4 different builds for every class
    • Each build has a maximum of 12 skill points
    • Each skill can have a certain 'level', and based on the level, the skill will improve

    A lot of new skills have been added, and more will be coming before friday

    • Silencing Arrow
    • Marked for Death
    • Shocking Strikes
    • Toxic Arrow
    • (Assassin already had a fair amount of skills)
    • Crippling Blow
    • Overwhelm
    • Seismic Slam has been reworked
    • Spirit of the Bear
    • Spirit of the Wolf
    • Strength in Numbers
    • Takedown
    • Threatening Shout
    • Cleave
    • Deflection
    • Thorns
    • Hold Position has been readded and nerfed
    • Powerchop
    • Swordsmanship
    • Immolate has been reworked
    • Null Blade
    • Repel
    • Rooting Axe
    • Rupture
    • Void
    • Displacement
    • Overcharge
    • Agility
    • Wolfs Fury
    • Vitality Spores
    • Roped Arrow
    • Stunning arrow
    • Pin down
    • Scout
    World Events
    • Slime King has been added
    • Skeleton King has been added
    • Broodmother now has a new ability that will trap players
    • World Events now spawn in the borderlands, an area around the outside of the map
    • World Events now spawn every 2 hours, from 4 hours
    • Alligators tooth now uses 1/8th of its original energy
    • A legendary version of 1.9's Elytra has been added, it does not suffer from durability loss, and complete any set you equip it with.
    • Giants Broadsword has been added, has a slow attack speed, but deals large damage.


    • A gravity grenade has been added, how it works if up to you to find out
    • Energy apple has been added (restores 50 energy upon being consumed)


    • Morphs have NOT been removed, but you can no longer purchase them directly from the store
    • You will keep all of your current donation perks, however they may be changed in the future for balancing reasons
    • A new crate has been added to the Buycraft store, it contains every donation perk in it, including morphs. You will only receive one perk per crate (as seen with the voting crates), and you CAN get double ups.

    Other Changes / Bug Fixes

    • Fields reset timer is now based on how many players are online
    • In the fields, there is no longer a 'chance' to mine ores, it is 100% guaranteed.
    • Agility helmet no longer removes Armour, and you can no longer remove the agility helmet by equipping armour
    • You can now only fish in the Lake area (I know this is live but I never documented it)
    • A variety of new effects have been added, such as Silences, Stuns, Vulnerabilities, and Battle shard boosts.
    • A new shop keeper has been added, which allows you to purchase items such as legendaries using battle shards
    • Battle shards are obtained by killing players, or killing bosses
    • Shops can no longer be moved, (no more need for invisible barrier blocks, yay!)
    • Diamond Axes and Diamond swords base damage has been reduced, however they now provide +1 to skills activated with them (e.g. Level 6 Leap)
    • Gold swords are now the best sword, they have the same damage as a diamond sword did previously
    • Chat formatting has been changed
    • You are now informed when a player safe logs, or unsafely logs.
    • You can now farm beetroot
    • Rake now works on netherwarts and beetroot
    • Legendary chance from fishing has been reduced to 1/2500 from 1/5000
    • The ban list has been cleared, because yeah.
    • Gladiator no longer has a 25% damage nerf.
    • Many other changes, that I have forgotten / will add when I remember
    • 1.9 Damage has been adjusted to still feel like 1.8
    • You can no longer evade while using legendaries
    • Night time now lasts a little longer
    • New cosmetic types, Death Effects and Kill Effects
    • Particle crate has been renamed to Cosmetic Crate

    BattleAU 1.0
    Current Patch:

    • Added Immolate and Arctic Shield to Paladin (Passive B)
    • Sever no longers persists after death
    • Cooldowns are now cleared on death
    • Inferno now uses a tiny bit more energy
    • Inferno / Immolate no longer resets the fire tick time, you must now wait until the fire has finished, before reapplying fire to a target.
    • Server optimizations
    • Windblade now uses half of its energy
    • Windblades knockback has been fixed
    • Meteor Bow now properly gives you obtained kills
    • Battle taunt now uses a little less energy, to re-adjust.

    • Assassins can no longer back stab even when backstab isnt active
    • You can no longer cast abilities while holding a legendary item
    • Agility Helmets no longer drop on death
    • New Damage handler to support abilities in death message
    • Riposte has been changed, it now requires you to return a hit in order to gain additional damage, and some health back
    • Hold position now plays a sound when activated
    • Diamond should be less op???
    • You can no longer use wallkick when leap is not active
    • Evade should no longer activate when opening doors, etc.
    • Evade should no longer be usable in spawn
    • Repeated strikes should now do the correct amount of damage
    • You can nolonger blink again in spawn to return to your previous position
    • Inferno can no longer be used in spawn
    • Swim has been adjusted to fix some bugs

    1.1.0 - Class Customisation
    Initial Class Customisation release

    New Skills:

    • Global
    • Break Fall
    • Swim
    • Gladiator
    • Stampede
    • Bloodlust
    • Colossus
    • Battle Taunt
    • Resistance
    • Knight
    • Defensive stance
    • Fortitude
    • Fury
    • Sacrifice
    • Assassin
    • Recall has been added back
    • Evade
    • Repeated Strikes
    • Blink
    • Paladin
    • Inferno
    • Magma Blade
    • Ranger
    • Disengage
    • Precision
    • Sharpshooter
    • Entangle
    • Barrage has been added back
    • Volley
    • Diamonds, emeralds,and redstone now has a 30% gather chance from fields (used to be 10%)
    • Made the anticheat a little more lenient to account for latency problems everyone is bitching about
    • Lightning Scythe now does triple its previous damage
    • Hyperaxe should now do the correct amount of damage
    • Gladiator damage nerf should now work correctly
    • Added a Super Shovel as a donation perk, should be in the store soon
    • Gave ranger an infinity bow and 1 arrow in arena
    • Farming rake legendary
    • Your combat tag is now removed on death
    • TNT Notifications should now work
    • Arena is now out, only like a kit pvp for now, more to come
    • You can no longer hurt yourself in the arena
    • Arena kills now count towards your Kill Death Ratio
    • You can no longer seismic slam the Armor stands at Arena
    • Numerous other arena fixes

    • Fixed stone and wood swords / axes
    • Kills and deaths for every player are now stored, and the Deadliest, and worst player will be available at
    • Silverfish morph no longer cost $3000 per use.
    • Custom banners should now be craftable
    • /kd command, look up other players and your own Kill Death Ratio

    • New ban and mute system
    • New admin chat toggle command for you spammers
    • Spider poison now last for 3 seconds
    • Spider now only deals 1 damage instead of 3
    • It now cost 3000 dollary doo's to morph
    • Morphs now drop 32 bones when killed
    • Pistons can no longer be crafted
    • Fixed a few issues with farming limits
    • Spider morph can now move through webs better than regular players
    • Spider poison damage has been increased
    • Bunch of stuff that has been forgotten
    • Prices of mushroom, wheat, potatoes, and carrots in the shop have been significantly increased
    • Prices of melon, pumpkins, reeds have been decreased.
    • The price of pistons has been dramatically increased
    • You can no longer place chests above 150Y (To prevent massive Tnt towers, and unraidable chests)
    • Wolf morph no longer has permanent speed 2, instead, when they eat a piece of meat (pick up), they gain speed 2 for 5 seconds.
    • When getting duplicate particles from particle crates, you receive 50000 dollary doo's instead
    • Another vote link has been added to /vote
    • It will now announce to everyone on the server if someone received a legendary from a voting crate
    • Money received from voting has been increased a bit.
    • More optimizations to help with server lag
    • Lightning scythe should now have proper durability
    • Fixed the /c leave bug
    • Fixed longshots damage not being added
    • reduced some particle effects to prevent FPS lag
    • Fixed numerous issues with combat tagging
    • Changed molten blast cooldown to 20 seconds from 8 seconds
    Map 3 Patch notes 1.0.14
    • Wolf morph has been added
    • Agility helmet wearers now have weakness 1
    • The naked damage nerf has been removed
    • TNT Protection has been fixed
    • Legendaries are now diamond tools, to increase durability and damage.
    • Farm fields has been added
    • TNT will now blow up nearby TNT
    • Diamond armour should now properly deal 30% reduced damage.
    • Purchasable particle effects
    • Critical strikes have been removed
    • Naked damage nerf has been properly removed
    • Major bug fixes that werent present until today
    • fix fix fix
    Patch 1.0.14
    • You can no longer open fence gates in other clans territory
    • You can now craft Power swords and Fire axes using Diamond blocks / gold blocks
    • Other diamond tools, including axes are now craftable
    • Potential lag fixes, host issue is still present.
    Patch 1.0.13
    • New legendary items will now have an enchantment glow, to make it clearer if a player is carrying a legendary or not.
    • Molten Blast should now be more reliable damage wise
    • Damage Attribute has been removed from weapons to prevent players from being mislead
    • All crafted items will now have proper names (there will still be a few around until next map)
    • Flesh Hook should now be a little weaker in terms of height
    • Combat logging in enemy territory will lose dominance
    • New players now have a separate [New] join message
    • Added new broodmother ability
    • Increased broodmothers health
    • Increased amount of damage broodmother takes
    Patch 1.0.12
    • Axes now do a set amount of damage like swords (slightly less than swords)
    • Paladin Molten Blast now ignites anyone hit for 3 seconds.
    • Cyclone strike should be a little less buggy
    • Reduced the amount of particles the particle effects will have to count for bad computers / fps
    • Gladiators now take 20% more damage
    • Assassin wall kick should now be a little more 'usable' with a lower internal cooldown
    • Fixed some underlying database issues that was causing disbanded clans to remain as enemies / allies.
    • Enhanced the reach anticheat to block all attacks that are from further than 4 blocks away.
    Patch 1.0.11
    • Added ally chat
    • Changed consecutive hits additional damage from Hit * 4 to Hit * 2, effectively halving the consecutive hit bonus damage.
    • You can no longer enemy your own clan
    • Clans you pillage no longer have access to your doors
    • TNT no longer explodes blocks everywhere.
    • Replaced Recall with Smoke bomb
    • Numerous other fixes i forgot
    • Smoke bomb cooldown increased from 30 seconds to 45 seconds
    • Smoke bomb stealth duration decreased from 8 seconds to 6 seconds
    • When taking damage, you are unstealthed (smoke bomb)
    • Purchased particle effects will be disabled while in smoke bomb
    Patch 1.0.10
    • Naked players now only deal 20% reduced damage
    • Longshot no longer works while in your own, or an allies territory
    • Consecutive hits with arrows will now multiply your damage (Hunters thrill)
    • On death, you lose 10% of your total coins
    • Additionally, money discs have been added to the resource costs that buy / sell for the same price.
    Patch 1.0.9
    • Assassins now take 20% less damage
    • Sword damages should be fixed in comparison to fists, hoes, etc.
    • You now combat tag anybody you hit for 5 seconds, meaning if they die without getting hit by another player in that time, you get the kill.
    • Enhanced death messages to show the kits players are using.
    • Put view distance up from 48 blocks to 80 blocks for players only.
    • Leather armour should now break slightly slower.
    • Players without an active class now deal 50% less damage
    Patch 1.0.8
    • Clan prefixes above head and in tablist!
    • Dom status in /c
    • Fixed assassin backstab
    • Numerous other lag fixes,
    • Patch 1.0.7 - Lag Purge
    • Added a ground item clear every 15 minutes
    • Fixed underlying code that was causing massive problems
    • Added fireaxe
    • Fixed iron door dupe
    • Alliance / trust issues should be fixed
    • fixes
    • more fixes
    Patch 1.0.6
    • While bulls charge is active, your next attack no longer knocks the player back
    • Fishing rods now use energy.
    • Replaced Rangers barrage with longshot temporarily (or if voted to keep), max added damage is 20 blocks.
    • Silverfish morph now uses a small amount of energy per block broken.
    • World events will now teleport back to the fields if a player baits it to there claim.
    • Doubled legendary chance from bosses
    • You can now fish legendaries with a low chance
    • You can no longer use /minecraft:me
    • You can no longer reply or send private messages while muted
    • The reply command should now work correctly
    • You can now potentially get legendaries from the voting crate
    • Iron swords now deal additional damage (up to 1 extra heart on nakeds)
    • Selling 64 of an item will instead sell all remaining items in that STACK.
    • Sitting on ladders should no longer kick you for flying
    • Minor bug fixes
    Patch 1.0.5
    • Paladin abilities Defensive Aura and Holy Light have been fixed!
    • Issue with silverfish has been fixed
    • Changed Moderator tag to mod
    • Fields reset timer changed from 30 minutes to 20 minutes
    • Assassin backstab now deals 2.5x the damage of a regular attack
    • Broodlings now drop string
    • There are now less broodlings, but there health has been doubled.
    Patch 1.0.4
    • New Map!
    • Agility helmet can no longer be used with other armour equipped, previous nerfs have been removed.
    • New Anticheat system that primarily focuses on combat enhancing cheats
    • Purchased items in the battleau store now correctly give you money
    • When claiming a package, it will now tell you how much money you received, and if it was successful
    • First World Event, Broodmother
    • Landing on wool will now prevent fall damage
    • You can now only grow crops between 46 and 60 Y
    • You can now break crops in other clans territory
    • You now receive a voting crate for voting
    • More shops with more items to buy / sell
    • Fields now tells you why you couldn't break a block properly, instead of simply saying ' you cannot break blocks here'
    • New fish added: Gold Fish, Great White Shark, Marlin, Angler Fish, Jelly Fish, Dolphin, Octopus, Stingray, Mackerel, Flathead, Bream, Bass
    • Night cycle has been extended slightly, also has a cool new transition.
    • You can now craft chainmail armour with emeralds
    • Diamond tools are no longer craftable
    • New legendaries: Lightning Scythe, Alligator Tooth
    • Reduced energy usage on Super pickaxe from 5 to 3 energy per block.
    • Fixed death messages of molten blast and arrows
    • New donation perk, Silverfish Morphing
    Patch 1.0.3:
    • Agility helmet with armour extra damage taken increased back to 50% from 30%
    • Slow to agility helmet wearers on hit reduced to 1 second from 2 seconds
    • Reverted the Paladin Molten blast 20% damage reduction nerf.
    • You can now demote offline players in your clan
    • Having any diamond armour equipped (not just gladiators) will reduce your damage dealt by 50%
    • Fixed an underlying database issue that was preventing us from banning players who changed there name.
    • Banning now fixed, players now get unbanned after x amount of time.
    Patch 1.0.2:
    • Trapdoors can now be opened and closed without redstone
    • Door knocking has been fixed
    • Assassin Leap cooldown reduced to 4 seconds from 6
    • Assassin Backstab now deal 70% additional damage compared to a regular attack
    • Safelogging has now been fixed (/log)
    • Dying to a fireball should now show a death message
    • - Fireballs damage reduced by 20%, on both direct hits and splash damage
    • Bows change to only be shootable by a Ranger
    • Gladiators (Diamond) now deal 50% less damage with all weapons
    • Agility helmet extra damage taken while wearing extra armour changes to 30% from 50%
    • Additionally, while wearing an agility helmet, any hits you take will add slowness to your character, making you unable to leap.
    • You can now promote offline players (not demote yet, i forgot it)
    • Numerous bug fixes that i forgot about already
    Patch 1.0.1:
    • Clan chat now works
    • Agility Helmet now takes slightly more damage when wearing Armour
    • Backstab has been added to assassin
    • Recall ability on assassin (q press ability) has had a 50% cooldown reduction (60s down to 30s)
    • When you interact with blocks/chests etc it no longer activates abilities
    • added a 50% off Christmas sale until december 26th
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