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    What's your complete in game name?


    What position are you applying for?


    How long have you been playing BetterPvP / BattleAU?

    Been playing since Ausmc

    What do you bring to the team?

    I bring loyalty and a long history of service around this community, I'm friendly and easy spoken to, I'm friends with a lot of the players here. never been banned. I know how to run a community and how to work and negotiate with other staff members. I also bring a sense of the past, I mean that by I play like the server used to be played when minecraft was a huge thing and the community was so large yet so close, I bring up old times that a lot of us can laugh about and reminisce, even miss some things.i also bring greatly in-depth knowledge of how the server works as I've been here through all the changes and introductions of new things.

    How old are you?


    Have you ever been previously banned/punished for server related issues?

    Not to my knowledge, there may be small punishments that I don't have any recollection of, there may be a ban on the records but it was false accusation and was removed when I proved, with facts, I wasn't in the wrong

    What's your prior experience?

    Yes, I'm a Head Admin on a gta fivem server that has a community of over 100 people, on other minecraft servers although I have not. I also moderated battleau while it was going through a rough period and had only minimal players, it wasn't a significant role as a result of few players being on, but it was some good experience of how to control players.

    Do you consider yourself popular among the community?

    I feel as if the community is divided towards me, half the community likes me and call me a friend, the other half are the old "go" players that still treat me like the 13 year old I was when I joined, immature and reckless, I believe if I got this role I would be able to prove myself and show my maturity and hopefully gain those few peoples respect, so far into the merge I don't see any players who directly have had a problem with me.

    Are you currently a donator of BetterPvP?

    I have donated 50 or so dollars, if I got this role I would most definitely donate more and somewhat consistantly [/FONT]
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